Surf The Hills Pick – Our Favourite Longboard Brands

From Atom to Arbor…

When it comes to any sport, having the best equipment is going to help you perform better. Therefore its pretty obvious that having a longboard with better wheels, deck and bearings, is going to make your ride more enjoyable. Take a car for instance, you’re going to get a better ride in a Bentley, rather than your basic Ford Focus. The comparison (and price) is slightly different to that of a longboard, but I’m hoping you get the idea of what I’m trying to say here. As a long boarder, you need to be aware of what brands are out there to help you get the most from you performance. You need to stay aware of what new produces longboard companies have to offer. If you’re new to the sport, we thought we would give you a break down of our top longboard brands out there.

Sector 9

Originating from a back yard in La Jolla California 1993, Sector 9 has grown into probably one of the biggest longboard companies known around the world. Specialising in other sports such as surfing and skateboarding also, the company was acquired by Billabong in 2008 which will most likely move the company onto bigger and better things. Sector 9 offers a variety of different board styles with artistic designs releasing new series annually.

One of our favourites from Sector 9 vast arsenal of boards is the famous Sidewinder Series. Take a look at the cool Mountain Peaks Sidewinder 38” which offers drop through mount construction, 69mm slalom wheels and Abec 5 PDP Bearings.

Check out Sector 9 here: www.sector9.com


The environmentally conscious Arbor Collective opened its doors back in 1995. With its established team of artists and designers, its hard to argue that Arbor produce some of the best looking boards on the market. Offering a range of skateboards, longboards, snowboards and clothing Arbor offers real quality to the skate and surf scene. For every skateboard sold, Arbor promises to contribute to the regeneration of forests cut down to fuel every day life.

Our favourite current series Arbor have to offer is the Flagship Series. New for 2016 Arbour offer the Axis Premium Longboard with 180mm black longboard trucks and blue 70mm wheels.

Check out Arbor Collective here: www.arborcollective.com


As a part of the famous Made In Mars Inc, Quest Board USA are looking to reinvent the longboarding game. Quest don’t only want to lead the way when it comes to longboards, they want to redefine lifestyles allowing individuals to essentially create their own path in life. Identifying that long boarding is not just only a sport but pretty much peoples lives. Manufacturing their own boards, Quest look to offer the latest technology on the market at great affordable prices. Offering a range of different styles and sizes of board, Quest are a market leader when it comes to some of the best boards on the market. If you snowboard, surf or like to have the occasional go on a scooter also, Quest have a range of these products also.

Check out Quest Board USA here: www.questboardsusa.com


In 2005, Atom Longboards launched providing long boarders great quality boards at great prices. With a team of great boarders at the helm, atom designers understand how to reduce costs of the board, yet deliver some of the best boards to the market. The brand have successfully catered for the every consumers need providing decks that range from drop decks to pintails and kick tails. Boards aren’t their only speciality, as they go the extra mile by designing helmets, elbow pads and knee pads also.

Check out Atom Longboards here: www.atomlongboards.com


Yocaher – An online skate shop that nows key focus lies in longboards, provide a variety of different longboard styles to the consumer. Depending on your ride style and terrain, Yocaher will offer the perfect board for your very needs. Like the competition, Yocaher offer pintail, kick tail, drop down, low rider, slim kick and old skool decks. They pretty much have it all.

Check out Yocaher here: www.yocaher.com

These are just a few of our favourites. A break down of what more these brands have to offer will follow.

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