Our Top 5 Rookie Longboarding Tips

You’ve followed the ‘How To’ guides and you’ve spent the majority of last week trying to perfect your skills on your longboard. If you’re not quite getting it, hang in there. Some people will find they pick up the basics fairly easy, however others may take a little longer. Throughout our website we offer tips and tricks of how to ride a longboard but we believe there are certain tips/key knowledge that can help you reach your goal faster. Now some may seem pretty obvious, but if you’re a complete rookie you may not know what’s staple and what’s not. Check out our top longboarding tips below.

Tip 1 – Patience

Like we said before, it may be obvious but longboarding takes time to perfect. By ‘time’ we mean years and years. Skaters may argue that no one ever perfects longboarding. Everytime we hit the streets, we always learn something new. You’re never going to pull off a trick 100% of the time, so that’s why we urge practice practice practice. If it’s not going your way to begin with, don’t just put your board in a cupboard to gather dust. Get back out on the streets and pursue that dream of becoming a  well established boarder. Remember nothing quite beats cruising down the slopes on your longboard, why would you want to give an opportunity like that up?

Tip 2  – Find What’s Comfortable For You

How comfortable you are when you begin to ride at the start of each day will define how successful you can be in this sport. By this we mean; A) Are you confident with your stance? Is this right for you? Are you pushing with the correct foot? Does this feel natural to you? B) Do you have the right setup? Is your board set up to do the right thing for you? You could be trying to achieve something you simply can’t due to the equipment you’re using. Take time to ensure you have purchased the correct equipment to complete your goal. You may ask ‘What’s the best board for my goal?’. Well the answer to that would be there is no ‘best board’. It depends whatever suits you best. Take this moment to have a think, is your setup really the best for your style?

Tip 3 – Find Some Inspiration

When you start longboarding, it’s great to get some inspiration. Why not see what you can achieve after years of practice? There is plenty of material on the internet especially Youtube, that show unbelievable rides and tricks that will make you want to take your game to the next level. As well as youtube, check out skate magazines such as The Skateboard Mag (www.theskateboardmag.com) which show the latest news from events, the latest athletes and equipment which will keep you in the longboarding loop. Finally we suggest you try and build a long boarding network, create friends so you surround yourself with people who are interested in the same thing. This will help you progress faster!

Tip 4 – It’s Ok To Fall

You may think that the idea of longboarding is to stay on your board. Well it kind of is, but a big part of long boarding is actually falling. For you to progress, you’re going to have to take risks. Taking risks on your longboard, often ends in falling off your board. So your going to have to practice falling safely. Firstly make sure you have a helmet that fits you, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Then slowly practice falling comfortably. How can you fall comfortably? Well you can either use your hands to support yourself or roll into the fall which will support your whole body. Give it a go but remember practice on grass or carpet first. It will be worth your while when you actually fall for the first time unintentionally and can prevent serious injury.

Tip 5 – Learn Basic Longboard Mechanics

As you become familiar with your longboard, you may find you need to alter your setup to suit your ride style. How can you do this? Well you may need to change your wheel size due to the terrain. You may want to change the look of your board. You may need to replace your deck. The possibilities are endless and will be specific to your requirements. Only you will know the perfect set up for yourself. To make life easier for when your want to change your boards blueprints, why not take time to learn a little about longboard mechanics. It’s really not that challenging and only requires a screwdriver, spanner and a few bolts. However if you’re not familiar with this aspect of things, it may prove a little tricky. So we would encourage you to take a little bit of time to get use to the mechanics of your board.

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