Skateparks in San Francisco

The Golden Gate City.

If your heading to the San Francisco anytime soon, you’re going to need to know the hottest spots to board right? Great weather, great company and your skateboard – what more could you possibly want during your time visiting the city? If your travelling on business, travelling with family or by yourself be sure to hit some of our favourite spots located in the heart of the city. Be sure to soak up the Golden Gate Cities skate scene and see what the talented local skaters have to offer

SoMa – Under The Bridge Skatepark

Location: 1369 Stevenson St, San Francisco, California, 94103

Originally built as a project to brighten up a dull underpass, the City of San Francisco began construction in 2008. Unfortunately the project soon stopped, as necessary funding fell through. Luckily in 2014 the skatepark finally opened to the public and the skateboarding bug soon hit San Francisco. With a skate plaza setting, the park was designed with everyone type of skater in mind with a variety of ramps and oversized rails. If you are a street skater, this place will really be your kind of haven. The range of skill varies across the park, so don’t be intimidated if you’re just starting out. The park opens at 9am, so if you’re just starting out we recommend you hit the park at around this time. We have found that the skatepark soon gets busy due to fantastic facilities and awesome backset. We really would advise you to hit this beautifully designed skatepark. This is probably the best skatepark in San Francisco.

Potrero del Sol/La Raza Skatepark

Location: 25th And Utah, San Francisco, California, 94103

On to one of the biggest skateparks in the city. Now we aren’t the biggest fan of this skateparks appearance. It can be a little bit dingy with prison like fencing, but you will not find a better skate bowl in the city. The bowl is certainly the best feature of the park. It’s a great size allowing a number of skaters to enter the bowl at once. This most certainly beats waiting around right? We found the park was in a reasonable location, with great restaurants nearby if you fancy a bite to eat after a long session of skating. Bring a skate buddy to this park, as we found conversation doesn’t flow naturally at this location. Sometimes it’s best to keep yourself to yourself, and just do what you do best. We wouldn’t suggest beginner skateboarders hit this park as it can get quite busy and the crowd may not be that forgiving. Overall if you’re in to dropping into a sick bowl, go for a ride at this skatepark.

Balboa Skatepark

Location: Mission Terrace, Outer Mission, Ocean Ave and San Jose Ave, San Francisco, California, 94112

Balboa Skatepark was opened back in 2012. A relatively small wooden park, the parks main feature is the neat wooden bowl surrounded by a variety of different ramps and hand rails. Some even say that the park has a perfect pyramid. If you need to practice your carving and grinding, this would be the perfect place to do it. We found that the crowd at the park had a friendly vibe, which is perfect if you want to meet new people. Our advice would be to get to the park early, as the park soon gets packed with plenty of children practicing their moves. Apart from the size, the only other problem we found with this skatepark was that there was no flat bar available. However lets face it, these aren’t readily available anywhere around the city! Overall a really nice park suitable for skaters of all skills levels.

Daly City Skatepark

Location: 92N D St Sullivan Ave, Daly City, CA 94015, United States

Now we’re not going to lie to you. Daly City Skatepark is not the best skatepark in San Francisco. The skatepark is very weathered, and more or less every ramp/rail is ruined due to years of constant abuse from the elements. However we like to take the positives from every situation and this skatepark has one very big positive to say the least! Firstly the park has a great vibe and you’ll catch some very cool native skaters hitting the ramps. This is great if you want to soak up the San Fran skate scene. Secondly and possibly the biggest positive is that the park has a fantastic steel mini ramp. Now this is possibly one of the best across the city, so this is what projects this park into our top picks. The mini ramp is forgiving and can be used by beginners, to the very best professionals. What’s more, you can really make a day out by visiting this park. The park is located next to some great food chains such and In & Out Burger, Krispy Kreme and a fantastic sandwich shop called Mr Pickles. As well as this, you may even catch site of the odd pro or two as we did upon our visit!

We hope our quick park reviews will give you some clue as to what parks to hit up in San Francisco. If you’re looking for beginner tips for when you hit these parks, read the our how to ride a skateboard guide here.

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