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Las Vegas! Trust us, it’s not all partying and gambling. Believe it or not, there are actually some awesome skateparks to show off your latest skating tricks. At this point we will point out the obvious to you. These skateparks are based in the middle of the desert. So during the holidays, heats can peak to unbearable temperatures making it almost impossible to skate. Be careful when you ride at these parks and ensure that you take enough water to stay hydrated. Despite the heat, there are some fantastic facilities on offer and we encourage you to swap the poker tables for the ramps!

Craig Ranch Skatepark

Location: 628 W Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89032, United States

Craig Ranch Skatepark is a 65,000 square ft skatepark based in North Las Vegas. Arguably one of, if not the best skatepark in the whole of Vegas, Craig Ranch boasts various concrete bowls, a state of the art half pipe and a mixture of square and round rails. Impressive huh? Surrounded by peaceful parks, walking trails and a dog park the skatepark is perfect for a family day out. Not many skateparks have free wifi available, but this one does! The park is perfect for all levels of ability, however please be careful when picking which skate bowl you practice on. Some are extremely steeper than others so may not be suitable for beginners.

Anthem Skatepark

Location: 2300 Reunion dr. Henderson, NV, Henderson, NV, United States

Located in the heart of the huge Anthem Hills Park lies the impressive Anthem Skatepark. The park is surrounded by awesome BBQ pits where you can socialise and hang out with friends as well as soccer fields where you can practice other sports. This is a great skatepark that was previously the best park in Las Vegas until Craig Ranch appeared. You’ll find all aspects of the park are connected, making it easy to take some great lines as you ride. The street section has flat rails over the pyramid which we thought was a nice little feature. As you skate round you’ll find that there are some nice transfers that lead to a kidney bowl. When the parks quiet, this is a fantastic place to skate. With a mixture of young bikers and boarders, collisions are inevitable. Our advice would be to try and avoid the busy periods as it’s easy to hit traffic. One final thing to note is helmets are essential. They do check at this park and fines will be handed out!

Hollywood Skatepark

Location: 1650 S Hollywood Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89142, United States

Hollywood Skatepark is a small but great little park to hit if you find yourself in South Hollywood Boulevard. This 29,000 ft park was built with a number of simple but effective features that can be tackled by skaters varying in skill. The parks main feature is an 18 inch full pipe which leads on the an 11’ kidney bowl or square bowl if you opt to skate through the other side. The street section has a number of rails and stairs for you to ride over if you want to practice your grinds or ollies. With a small entry fee, the park is a great place to hang out and make friends. Helmets are required so remember to wear one at all times. Staff patrol the park to ensure that everyone is following park rules. If you’ve forgotten your helmet, don’t worry as you can rent helmets and elbow/knee pads from the community centre the parks attached too. This really is a great place for you to bring your children to teach them how to skate!

Metro Skatepark

Location: 3250 Metro Academy Way. NV 89129, Las Vegas

We only recommend you visit this skatepark if you’re in the area. If you’re planning to travel to a skatepark, go to Craig Ranch. This skatepark has a few cool features which we liked, however we found the concrete to be very slippery. If you’re a beginner, this is not ideal and you will find you may fall off your board on a number of occasions. Looking at the positives, the park features a half pipe area with a cool pyramid in the centre of the park. There’s a nice street section with cool stairs areas. The bowl is a nice size which allows lots of room at busy periods.

Skatecity Skatepark

Location: 4915 Steptoe St, Las Vegas, NV 89122, United States

Please note that indoor facility Skatecity Skatepark in Las Vegas is now closed. We’ve read a few reviews online and unfortunately seen a few disappointed skaters reporting that the owner has shut its doors. Please remember this before attempting to find this skatepark!

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