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Kryptonics – One of the most famous skateboarding brands in the world. Originally founded in 1965, the company has been at the forefront of skating innovation, developing top quality products for skaters year after year. The company first began producing plastic wheels for skateboards, but soon began experimenting with urethane technology which led to a new era in skateboarding. Kryptonics influenced other companies and soon polyurethane wheels became the industry standard. To this day, you will find polyurethane wheels attached to the very best boards. The new Kryptonics Star* Trac Wheels which the company have recently developed are one of the best wheels available on the market today.

  • Kryptonics 32″ Mini Longboard Complete Skateboard – Tropical Borders Graphic
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  • Price: $$
  • Kryptonics 32″ Mini Longboard Complete Skateboard – Tropical Borders Graphic
  • Rating:
  • Price: $
  • Kryptonics Drop-Through Longboard 37″ Complete Skateboard – Staycation
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  • Price: $$
  • Kryptonics 22.5" Classics Complete Skateboard
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  • Price: $
  • Kryptonics 36" Longboard Complete Skateboard
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  • Price: $$

Kryptonics History

When you look at the Kryptonics brand website, you will see a highly successfully company that sells top quality skateboard wheels with no mention of skateboards. How is this so when Krypotonics boards are available to purchase at your local Walmart, Amazon or Target? All is not as it seems and this has lead to some confusion across the industry with regards to the brand. An agreement was made where the parent company themselves no longer manufacture boards, however the brands logo will exclusively appear on entry level boards manufactured at wholesale. Just to be clear, the original Kryptonics brand do not produce skateboards currently on the market. Instead the boards are manufactured under the Kryptonics name under Bravo Europe. With this is mind, I bet you’re asking the question, are Kryptonics skateboards good?

Are Kryptonics Skateboards Good?

Do not by any instance let the recent changes to the Kryptonics brand put you off purchasing a Kryptonics skateboard. We have seen countless Kryptonics boards and have been really impressed by what we have seen. The boards are designed for entry-level skaters, so if you’re new to skateboarding one of these boards may just be a great option for you. Not only are these boards up to a very reasonable standard, these entry-level boards are being sold at entry-level prices meaning you don’t have to spend much money to make one of these boards your own. If you’re thinking about getting into skateboarding, why not take the jump by purchasing one of these fantastic looking boards?

So which board is the correct board to purchase? If you’re looking for the best Kryptonic skateboard longboards available to purchase on the market today, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve had a look at what Kryptonics are currently selling and picked our favourite boards so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Our reviews provide a solid and reliable verdict on each board, based on our views and consumer opinions. What are you waiting for? Scroll on down to read SurfTheHills Kryptonic Skateboard Reviews.

Kryptonic Skateboard Reviews

Kryptonics Drop-Through Longboard 37″ Complete Skateboard – Staycation

The best seller and top rated skateboard is the Kryptonics Drop-Through Longboard 37” Complete Skateboard – Staycation. Out of all of the boards we have seen, this board really stood out ahead of the rest of the pack. For such a reasonable price, you really are getting bang for your buck with this particular board. Crafted in the Drop-Through style, you should really take note of this board if you want to get into skateboarding.

Let’s talk specification. This 37 inch longboard has a highly durable 8-ply maple wood deck crafted in the drop-through design. The deck is built with a profile low to the ground with an added single kicktail for extra added control on the slopes. The board is fitted with premium 69mm x 55mm polyurethane wheels and carbon steel bearings given an ABEC-5 rating. Attaching the board to the wheels are 7 inch aluminium trucks which supports higher weights and can generate and maintain speeds easily. The manufacturers recommend this board for ages 8 and over.

What’s great about this board is that it will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to ride. Simply take the sheet of plastic off the packaging and you could not be any more prepared to hit the streets. We particularly liked the craftsmanship of this board and the materials that were used to create this product. Real solid wooden maple has been used in the construction of this design and we can predict this board will easily have a lifespan of up to 2-3 years. The grip tape used on the board’s deck is excellent. Various consumers have also not been afraid to express that they had no issues with keeping grip when travelling on this board. The board looks fantastic with a Miami beach style design, stamped with the famous Kryptonics logo. The board will roll for days, fitted with ABEC-5 bearings, the board has no problem gaining and maintaining speed. Overall the board offers a fantastically smooth ride, easy turning ability and high levels of stability provided by that wide deck. As we said earlier, you would be silly not to buy this board if you were looking for an entry-level longboard skateboard.

Kryptonics 36″ Longboard Complete Skateboard

Our second pick is the Kryptonics 36” Longboard Complete Skateboard. Measuring 36”, it is a very similar size to our first pick, however this board differs slightly as the design is a traditional kicktail style. Depending on what style of longboard you’re after, this board is a great option if you’re after an entry-level kicktail. Finished with a ‘beach’ theme, not only does this board have quality parts, it looks fantastic as well. On the market for a very reasonable price, this would be a great purchase for any beginner/intermediate skater.

Specification – The board measures 36” and is constructed from solid 8-ply maple wood. As stated earlier, the board is crafted in a single kicktail design. Fitted to the board are 65mm x 40mm polyurethane wheels with excellent carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings. Heavy duty 6 inch aluminium trucks are attached to the deck which allows the rider to maintain fast speeds and offer control and stability throughout motion. Like the previous board, this longboard is recommended for ages 8 years and older. The board supports weight up to 220lbs.

The great thing about all Kryptonics boards are that they all have a very smooth ride due to the quality of the wheels and bearings. The same principal applies to this board. We found when riding this board, the wheels absorbed the shocks of the sidewalk giving a seamlessly smooth ride throughout each journey. If you want a guaranteed smooth ride every time you hit the streets, then this board is definitely going to offer that. For under $100 you have to look at what you’re getting for your money. ABEC-5 bearings do not come cheaply and you have 8 attached to this board already. You will rarely see this quality for such a cheap price. Finished with a cool summery design, there is plenty of reasons as to why this board is at the top of our list. Easily sail across the sidewalk by giving this superb board a purchase.

Kryptonics Drop-In Series Complete Skateboard, 31” x 7.5’’

Moving away from the traditional longboard style we have our third pick, the Kryptonics Drop-In Series Complete Skateboard. Crafted in a traditional skateboard style, this board is skatepark ready. Simply remove the packaging and off you go. This board is one of the cheapest available on the market, so may be a great option if you want a cheap board to see if skateboarding is your thing. This board is also available to buy in blue and pink designs, so is more than suitable for boys and girls. Parents take note of this board if your children want to try skateboarding.

Specification – The board measures 31” long, with a deck constructed from durable 9 ply maple wood. The deck is finished with smooth rounded edges giving it that traditional skateboard feel. A double kick tail design allows the rider to perform numerous tricks easily and provides easy breaking when a reduction in speed is needed. Fitted with 52mm x 33mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-3 bearings, this board has everything a beginner requires to begin skateboarding. The manufacturer recommends this board is suitable for 8+ years and supports up to 220lbs.

The first thing we noticed about this board was the price. For less than $30 you are getting a complete skateboard, that is ready for the skatepark as soon as it arrives at your door. We found the bearings a little bit stiff when we originally opened this board, however apart from that we couldn’t moan for the amount this board was being sold at. The board gave a smooth ride with easy turning ability, which is perfect for any beginner. The double kick tail allowed us to stop quickly which will make any skateboarder feel more confident on their board. If you’re an intermediate to advanced skateboarder we would suggest you maybe look at other high-end boards on the market. Available in both blue and pink color ways we highly recommend this board for children, so if your child is looking at getting into the skateboarding game why not give this board a go?

Kryptonics 22.5″ Classic Complete Skateboard

The Kryptonics 22.5” Classic Complete Skateboard differs a little bit from the boards already mentioned. If you’re after a smaller board to help you get from A-Z then this board maybe the right one for you. Constructed from plastic, this deck might be a great alternative if you fancy a change to your current board. Due to the smaller size and decreased weight, this board may just become a necessity in your every day life.

Specification – This complete 22.5” skateboard is constructed from a high-impact plastic. The single kickball design provides the rider with high levels of control and easy breaking ability. The board is fitted with 60mm x 51mm polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-1 bearings. Attaching the board to the wheels are 3.25 inch composite trucks. Like the rest of the Kryptonics range this board is recommended for ages 8+ years and supports weight up to 110lbs.

What’s great about this board is that not only us but other consumers think that this board rode as good as any Penny Board available to buy. The great thing about that is this board is a fraction of the price as to what a traditional Penny Board is selling at. We thought the board could be improved with a better specification, the plastic trucks and low rating bearings could be replaced to give a smoother ride however that would only reflect on an increase in price. We we’re still impressed by the smooth ride offered by the board and found it held up well when dealing with jumps and downhill boarding. The board is available to purchase in an array of different color schemes and is skatepark ready as soon as it gets to your door. The lightweight design makes it ideal to carry around when you have reached your destination. As far as convenience goes, you don’t get much better than this for $50.

Kryptonics 32″ Mini Longboard Complete Skateboard – Tropical Borders Graphic

Finally we have the cool Kryptonics 32” Mini Longboard Complete Skateboard. Built in a traditional kicktail style, this longboard is a little smaller than the rest on this list making it more suitable for smaller users who are after a traditional longboard style. Not only is the board a great shape, it has an amazing graphic design which makes the board stand out from the rest of the crowd. A traditional longboard maybe a little too big for children, so this board may just be perfect if your child wants to get into longboarding.

Specification – This 32 inch longboard is built from solid 8-ply maple wood. Constructed in the traditional single kicktail style, the board is built to provide high levels of control and easy braking ability. The board is fitted with 62mm x 51mm polyurethane wheels and excellent carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings which gives the rider a sensationally smooth ride. Supporting the deck is heavy duty 6 inch composite angled trucks which can hold higher weights and allows the rider to gain suitable levels of speed. Like the rest of the boards on this list, this board is recommended for ages 8 and older and supports up to 220lbs.

We found that this board is great for new starters to the longboarding game. If you don’t want a board that is too expensive but want a great amount of quality then this might be the board for you. This board is perfect for smaller people out there. The board rides really smooth and turns with ease which is down to the great quality bearings and trucks. The easy turning ability makes it perfect for any beginner learning to board. High levels of stability and control makes it a lot easier to get started and this board definitely offers this.

The Bottom Line

Lets go back to the original question, are Kryptonics skateboards good? Well we hope by now that you have come to the conclusion that these boards are in fact great. For beginners, some of these boards have really high quality parts that sold separately would be expensive. How the manufacturers have bundled together these parts to provide complete skateboards is fantastic. Whats more, is that these boards are really affordable and you won’t be too out of pocket when making a purchase. We really advise purchasing one of these boards if you are new to skateboarding. We hope our Kryptonics skateboard reviews have been helpful in you making a decision as to which Kryptonics skateboards are the best to buy.

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