Your First Skateboard Trick – How To Ollie

The essential skateboard trick.

If you’re reading this article, I am guessing you’ve recently started skateboarding and just about comfortable with riding your skateboard. You’ve covered the basics and now feel ready to start practicing tricks that take your skating to the next level. Skateboarding offers a range of tricks, each varying in difficulty. Therefore you’ve got to pick the tricks that are most suited to your level of skill. As a beginner, we highly advise that you practice the most famous yet simple street skateboarding trick out there aka ‘The Ollie’. Learning to Ollie will give you the tool set necessary to move on to bigger and better tricks, so we suggest you practice this before attempting any other tricks. Read the following article which will guide you with the basic steps on how to successfully Ollie.

Step 1 – Stance

Get in your natural stance which you have become comfortable with since you began skateboarding. Do you skate regular? Do you skate goofy? You will need to be in your most comfortable stance to have any chance of successfully ollieing.

Note – when learning to Ollie we advise you practice on a grassy area to give you more stability and allowing the board to be more sturdy.

Step 2 – Adjust Your Feet

You need to adjust your feet so you move towards the back end of your skateboard. Place your front foot in the middle of the board and centre your back foot on the tail.. This is the basic positioning you need to be in to hit that ollie.

Step 3  – Bend Your Knees and Jump

You’re now in the correct position to attempt you ollie. So bend your legs and put your body into a crouch position. Now jump into the air!

Step 4 – Push and Slide

As you jump, push down on the tail of your board. Simultaneously slide your front food to the front of the board. Your board should pop up off the ground.

Step 5 – Raise Your Knees 

When you feel your board is airborne and your front food has slid all the way up, raise both your knees and pull them towards your chest. This will level the board in the air. It’s pretty cool being airborne huh!

Step 6 – Pressure

Keep pressure on your skateboard as it begins to falls down. This will help you absorb the shock when you land. Ensure that you’re knees and still bent when airborne as landing with straight legs will highly likely cause knee injuries.

Step 7 – Landing

Ensure you land on the ground with both feet at the same time. Absorb the shock with your knees. Look down at your feet and both should technically be close to their respective trucks. At first, landings may be difficult and your feet may stray on the board but remember keep practicing.

Step 8 – You’ve Done It!

Congratulations you’ve now successfully completed your first ollie!


We expect that you wont complete your ollie successfully on the first attempt. If you do, we probably will put it down to luck. We expect that you won’t complete your ollie on the second attempt. What we’re hitting at is that trying to learn your first trick will take days, maybe weeks of practice. So as with anything we advise you to do, practice practice practice!

Did you know that the highest ever ollie recorded was by Aldrin Garcia getting a huge 114.3 cm from the ground. Reckon you can ever beat this record? The question is how high can you ollie? A little bit of advice would be to set yourself a benchmark when trying to ollie. Find a way to measure how high you hit. For example, when your comfortable try and ollie over another skateboard to begin with. Build this up slowly and soon you will be able to ollie over objects such as chairs! Remember ollieing is a crucial basic you will need to perfect before you start learning other tricks such as grinding or kick flips.

What are you waiting for? Get out there. Let us know in the comment section how high you managed to Ollie.

Not quite confident enough to practice Ollie’s? Find our How To Ride A Skateboard guide here.

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