Best Skateboard Reviews – (Comprehensive Buying-Guide 2017)

Treat yourself to a new board for 2017!

Nothing quite beats the feeling after having a successful afternoon perfecting your tricks on the skatepark. As you probably know, there are many different factors that can contribute to you having a good skate or a bad skate. The weather, the park traffic can all have a major affect however the most influential factor is your board. With your board playing such an important part in your skate, you need to ensure you have the perfect board to match what you’re trying to achieve. Before purchasing any board, take time to think about how you will be using your board. Are you trying to perfect your tricks? Are you simply getting from A-Z? Skateboards have different decks, bearings and wheels that will be specific to match these different riding styles.

Different skaters have different opinions on what skateboards are the best for certain riding styles. With different opinions, it can be tricky to decide on which board is the best. If you’re looking for the best skateboards the market currently has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. SurfTheHills provides you with skateboard reviews and consumer opinions of the top skateboards in 2017. There is plenty of choice out there, so we’ve put together a guide to help you narrow down your selection and find the perfect skateboard best suited to you and your ambitions. Below you can view a comparison of the best skateboards and reviews for each of them.

Skateboard Reviews

KPC Pro Skateboard

The best seller and top rated skateboard is the KPC Pro Skateboard. This skateboard is used by skaters – amateur and pro – around the world. Manufactured by Krown, the board is perfect for the intermediate to advanced skater. For a small price, you are getting the incredible craftsmanship of the Krown brand.

Made from Canadian Maple, the board is built to support you as you travel from A to Z . Measuring 7.75”W x 30”L, this board will be suitable to every body type. Fitted with 52mm wheels, the board ensures a smooth ride on both the street and skateparks. The wheels are attached to black aluminium trucks adding to the sleek design and strong structure of the board.

The perfect pre-made board ready for you to skate as soon as it arrives at your door.


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

In our opinion, one of the best looking boards on the market is the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2. This board is great for the entry-level skater or the budget conscious advanced skateboarder. With 30 years of skateboard manufacturing experience, Skate One Corp have yet again successfully delivered a top quality board to add to their ‘Golden Dragon’ range.

The board dimensions are 31″L x 7.5″W and weighs 4.4lbs. We would recommend that this board is suitable for children 12+. Younger children may be best suited to a slightly smaller board. Beginners may be wary of the price of certain boards, and this entry-level board is one of the most reasonably priced for the quality and photographic design

What makes this board even greater is a Steve Caballero introduction to skating DVD is included with the board purchase. When a legend such as Steve endorses their name with a board, you know the product is nothing but quality. We couldn’t recommend this board anymore for skateboarding beginners out there.


Krown Rookie Skateboard

Krown are currently at the forefront of the skateboard game. Every board they produce is nothing but quality and the same applies for the ‘Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard’. If you’re just beginning your skateboard journey, this is the perfect board for you. For just a small investment, you are getting a board made of top quality materials along with a cutting-edge flame design (available in different colours) that will look great down at your local skate park.

The key feature of the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard, is that the deck is constructed from strong Canadian Maple. This material will withstand heavy impacts, ensuring you won’t need to buy a replacement for a number of years. The deck is a reasonable size at 7.5″W x 31″L. The lightweight board is the ideal size for all ages and lightweight enough to begin practicing tricks.

Fitted with 52mm Urethane Graphic wheels connected to 5.0″ Aluminium trucks, the board oozes quality and would be a great starting point for any beginner. At such a cheap price you really won’t get much better on the market.


Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard

The Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is simplicity at its finest. Manufactured in a number of different stock colours, the board has a plain finish which makes it one of the most stylish boards on the market. Less is more in this case. The blank canvas also gives the rider the opportunity to customise their board if he or she wishes. Stickers would look great against the simple design.

The board is made of 7 Ply Maple and measures 7.75″W x 31″L. The board is a great size for any skateboarder aged 12+. Attached to the deck are two tone black trucks and metal polish Abec 5 bearings. We found the bearings to be a fantastic feature, spinning for what seemed like forever when riding the board. The wheels are 54mm and come in either black or white. The board comes ready to ride.

Overall we absolutely loved this board. We found that the board had great bearings, fantastic grip tape and the ply was a great thickness. For the budget conscious skater, you get a basic board with amazing features. However if you are serious about skating, you may want to look at other options as the board does not have the best wheels.


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

Skate like a pro with the POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard. The POSITIV skateboard team are at the fore-front of the skateboarding scene, and you too can skate using exactly the same board as pros such as Rodney Jones, Andy MacDonald and Carlos De Andrade do. Manufactured by Skate One, this board is one of the most premium available on the market. At a slightly higher price, this board can be considered a serious investment for those that are serious about their skating.

Measuring 8″W x 32″L the board is slightly on the larger side. Therefore the board is not suitable for younger children. The wheels are super high rebound, perfect for high impacts you will experience on the skatepark. At 54mm, the wheels will allow you to pick up some serious speed while providing a smooth ride. The deck uses an AirLam process which fuses plies of wood together using waterproof glue. The board is made for tricks as the SST slide treatment coated on the bottom of the board will improve the length of your slides.

We would recommend this board for the intermediate-advanced rider. The sheer size of the board may make it a little bit tricky for younger beginners to get the hang of. However it you are accomplished, this board is really set up to help you take your skating to the next level. With the added graphics giving it a smart finish, this is really one of our favourites.


How to Choose the Best Skateboard – Buying Guide

If you’re new to the skateboarding scene, it is highly likely you’re looking at investing your hard earned cash on your first board. It’s also highly likely you’re not quite sure of the factors that make a board great. Don’t worry we’re here to help, giving you our advice on what features we think are best.

Now your skateboard is an investment. By investment, we mean an investment in yourself. We guarantee your learning path will be paved easier with a high quality board, rather than a cheap board with second rate parts. The quality of a board is usually reflected in its price. A board for $70 is very highly likely to be built with better materials than a board for $20. Now this is not always the case, so always look at what materials have been used to manufacture any particular board. Better quality materials will not only make your life easier when learning, but also have a longer life span before you have to replace the deck or any of its other parts. So do not be put off by the price if you like the look of a certain board.

We recommend beginners buy a complete skateboard. What do we mean by complete skateboard? This is a skateboard ready built by the manufacturer with the skateboard deck, trucks and wheels included. The top manufacturers offer a quality stock parts for great prices, so there is no need to make things tricky by attempting to build the perfect board with custom parts. For any beginner, the a complete skateboard is all you need at this point in time.

Skateboard Deck

The first thing you notice about any skateboard is the skateboard deck. This is the most important part of any board. This is going to be crucial in helping your balance, turning ability and making you look the coolest down any skatepark. Skateboard decks vary in size, the smaller boards starting at 7 inches wide with the slightly bigger boards measuring 9 or so inches. We recommend typically smaller people go for a smaller skateboard deck as a larger deck may prove tricky to balance on. Please also remember the bigger the board, the heavier it will be. Heavy boards may be difficult to perform tricks on, so really have a think about what size board is best for you before purchasing.

Skateboards can be constructed of either plastic, wood, bamboo or carbon fibre. Which material is best can be argued, but we prefer wooden decks. Our favourite decks are constructed from strong north american maple. Manufacturers typically use a 7 ply construction which involves gluing and pressing together 7 layers of maple to create one solid layer of wood. These strong decks can withstand the elements and generally have a lifespan up 2-3 years.

Graphics on the board can be either painted on the deck or be stickers applied to the base. The graphics on the board really are a personal touch and can be unique to you. There are various designs on the market which are totally unique and individual to other designs. Why not have a go at customising a blank deck yourself with stickers?

No good skateboard is worth purchasing without any grip tape included. Grip Tape is the black sandpaper like material that is applied to the top of the majority of skateboards on the market. This tape creates a friction between the rider and the board allowing for grip on the purchase. The tape is crucial with regards to stability and control.

Skateboard Trucks

Skate trucks are an important part of your board. Your skate trucks need to match the width of your board. If your trucks are too wide, your board will look out of proportion and you will find it tricky to turn. Your trucks need to grind well and be made of a durable material which will with stand heavy impacts of grind rails and concrete.

Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings. While they may look very small and quite insignificant, these little round pieces of metal can have a huge effect on your ride. Skateboard bearings fit on the inside of skateboard wheels and attach a wheel to the bearings. Each skateboard will have 8 bearing attached – two to each wheel. All bearings are universally the same size and will fit any skateboard on the market. The better the bearing, the longer your skateboard will travel for.

The quality of skateboard bearings are measured by ABEC Rating. The ABEC rating measures the quality of the material used and the craftsmanship of the bearing. Bearings are given a rating of either 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. A 1 rating would be the lowest quality of bearing which would result in a slow ride, whereas a 9 rating would give you an extremely fast smooth ride. If you’re buying bearings for your board, we suggest buying anything above a 3 rating. Once purchased, remember to keep your bearings well lubricated to keep experiencing a smooth ride.

Skateboard Wheels

Finally skateboard wheels. At this point, we are going to suggest that you avoid buying any board with plastic wheels. Alternatively you should buy a board with wheels made from poly-urethane. Poly-urethane will help absorb the shock of side walk impacts and provide an overall general smoother ride. Wheel diameters range from 49-75mm. Smaller wheels will give a slightly slower ride than bigger wheels, so pick your wheel size based on how fast you want to go!

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