The Best Longboards For Girls To Buy Right Now

Girls…welcome onboard!

Girls – first of all I’d like to say I’m pretty stoked that you’re reading this article. Over the past decade, it has been amazing to watch the popularity of longboarding grow amongst women.  The fact that you’re here reading this article shows that you are that you are more than ready to join this longboarding revolution. We have always said pretty much anyone can grab a board and it’s so refreshing to see girls hitting the slopes along side boys. For girls, if there was a perfect time to start boarding, that time would be now. There are well established longboard communities that you can get involved in to start finding great spots and meeting new friends. What’s even more great about this, is that retailers are starting to notice this new popularity. Top brands are starting to produce high quality boards specifically for girls, which allows female athletes to get the most out of their longboard rides.


So what are the best longboards for girls? As girls are generally shorter and weigh less than guys, smaller longboards may be best suited. A smaller board has a smaller surface area which will increase your stability on the board. Smaller boards are also lighter to carry around which may be more suit you girls more. We’ve taken the time to pick our favourite longboards on the market for girls in 2017.

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

The Krown Sunset City Surf Board is one of our favourites on the market. Made from Canadian maple, the board is a classic pintail shape. The overall size is 9” x 46”. It comes with black 71mm 78a wheels. As a bonus, the board comes with 6” aluminium alloy trucks. The deck is covered in black grip tape.


  • Pintail shape gives the board great carving ability. Smooth turning.
  • Fantastic design
  • Ready to ride right out of the package
  • Great value for money – cheaper online
  • Perfect size for girls
  • Great starter board


  • 71mm wheels cause slow acceleration but hold their speed for longer
  • Trucks are a little tight – loosen

Click here to purchase the Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard

Arbor Axis Walnut 2016 Complete Longboard New

If you are serious about getting into longboarding, we highly recommend the Arbor Axis Walnut 2016. Recently released this year, the board has a deck which measures 42”L x 8.75”W x 32”WB, fantastic black reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks and Purple 70mm 80a Longboard Wheels to go with the boards theme. When you buy this board, it comes assembled and ready to hit the slopes. A fantastic looking board which is made of great quality materials.

What we liked about this board:

  • The board is the perfect size for all heights. This surface area offers great stability which is perfect when initially learning to longboard.
  • The stock board bearings allows the rider to travel long distances off a small amount of pushes.
  • Easy to set up. The board will come ready to ride which is great for beginners who are not 100% sure on how to set up a board.
  • The board is made from high quality materials which will easily cope with the wear and tear of the roads.
  • The board design is one of the coolest looking designs on the market.

Click here to purchase the Arbor Axis Walnut


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