A Beginners Guide To Skateboarding Safety

Lets be sensible now.

Now skateboarding can be one of the most fun sports out there, however when you skateboard you’ve got to put your safety first. Average speeds on skateboards can reach 25 mph, which is a speed that can cause serious injury when falling off. This makes me ask the question, would you ride a bike at 25mph without a helmet? If the answers is no, then all the more reason for you to take note of what safety gear you need when you hit the streets on your board.

Let’s talk facts. It’s been reported that emergency departments have seen a sharp rise in skateboard related injury over the past years. As skateboarding has got more popular, more and more skaters are out on the streets without helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and correct footwear. This means that the trick that’s gone wrong or the slight loss of balance has resulted in many arm, head and leg injuries that could have easily been prevented. We feel it’s our job to educate you on the correct gear you need when riding your skateboard.

Starting with the most crucial part of your body you need to protect – the head. We need to wear a helmet that will absorb the impact of hitting your head when falling from your board. But you already knew this right? Well we’ve lost count with the amount of skaters we see riding with the wrong kind of helmet or in some cases NO helmet. Skateboarding helmets are different to bike helmet. Bike helmets are designed to crack and absorb the shock off just one hit, so you would need to purchase a new one if you have a nasty fall. On the other hand skateboarding helmets are designed to absorb impacts time and time again with a foam lining inside the hard shell of the helmet. All in all it is important you purchase a proper skateboarding helmet with sufficient chin straps so the helmet stays on your head.

Now onto the arms and legs. If you’re starting off boarding we highly recommend that elbow pads and knee pads are worn. What are elbow and knee pads? Well these are pads that protect against impact injury when falling off your board, or hitting objects in your way. You will lose count at the amount of times you fall off your board, and these pads will protect you from many scrimps and scrapes on the way. Now generally knee pads and elbow pads aren’t specific just to skateboarding. These can be used for biking, rollerblading, volleyball and more.

To wrap this safety article up, we will finish with your footwear. Your skate deck tape will provide you with great grip but it will eventually your going to need some extra grip. We hate to break it to you, but your worn out converse aren’t going to provide you with the best grip. This could lead to the odd slip here and there which does not make learning easy! So we recommend you purchase some sufficient shoes designed for skateboarding. We suggest brands such a Vans, DC, Nike SB and Adidas SB. More articles on what gear to purchase to follow.

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